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Jun 28, 2020
After watching “Get Back” with the Beatles for 468 minutes, my first thought is I’m not entirely sure this couldn’t have been just a tad bit shorter. Not that I totally didn’t enjoy it and get fully immersed in the entire 3-part documentary, but some of it became a little redundant and tedious. Right around the 2-hour mark on each of the three parts, I started looking to see just how much longer this was going to drag on. That being said, I hated for it to end!

Because of “Let It Be,” the film patched together from the mountains of footage shot by director Michael Lindsay Hogg right after the Beatles broke up, the rest of this fantastic footage almost didn’t see the light of day, and what a shame that would have been.

“Get Back,” released in three parts, encompasses nearly eight hours of playtime, and gives an extraordinarily intimate, more defined, complex, and complicated picture of that month, when the Beatles gathered first at Twickenham Studios, and then moved over to...

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