Tami Danielson

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Jun 28, 2020
Paul McCartney is simply ageless. Although his face may have a few more lines and wrinkles, he still doesn’t present as a man who is pushing 80 next year. His energy and drive are that of a man a third of his age.  This documentary, produced by Rick Rubin, is 6 parts of utter magic, strung together in compelling 30-minute segments. Rubin is also the interviewer for the piece.

In segment one, Paul immediately praises John on All My Loving, and how intricate his playing was on the song. He also points out what a clown John was. Always pulling a face or doing some silly thing that made everyone laugh. He speaks so fondly of John, and their undeniable chemistry and bond.

He talks about writing “Michelle,” and how it came about from going to John’s art school parties and pretending to be French to try to catch the ladies’ interest. Years later, John said, “You remember that French song you fiddled with? You should finish that.”...

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