Mark Burton

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Jun 27, 2020
London, UK
Baker Street and Me

When you ask me who my favorite artist is, I normally respond with which of a thousand ones? However, we all those artists who not only are favorites but who we also feel speak to us. Then, there are those few, those very few, who speak for us.

It was early 1978, I was   a 12-year-old listening to the old Los Angeles AM pop radio station, KHJ, when I first heard Baker Street. It was a kick to the heart and the guts, it coalesced in my soul, and affected me like few other songs ever have. A few weeks later, Right on Down the Line, entered the soundtrack of my life, and I was permanently hooked. 

The idea that he speaks for my soul and not only to me was solidified with his 1979 album release “Night Owl” and the song Get it Right Next Time. As I grew older and wore out the grooves in his first two commercially successfully albums, which required replacing them both in vinyl and other formats, I came back to his music with a more nuanced ear...

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