Tami Danielson

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Jun 28, 2020
Almost every hit song has a really great tale behind it, and this one definitely has one worth telling. This is the story of the making of “We Are the World”.

The USA for Africa project began with an idea that actor, singer and activist Harry Belafonte had for a benefit concert, after hearing of the UK effort Band-Aid’s success with “Do They Know It’s Christmas.”

In late December 1984, looking for people willing to participate, Belafonte called his friend, manager Ken Kragen, who oversaw an impressive roster of talent. Kragen loved the idea and convinced Belafonte that they could raise more money and make a much bigger impact with an original song. Belafonte agreed, and Lionel Richie came on board to help, along with his good friend Michael Jackson to jointly compose the music and lyrics.

Kragen asked Quincy Jones to produce; Richie got Stevie Wonder involved, and from there, word spread like wildfire, with many music artists ready to help. The project from conception to...
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