Tami Danielson

New member
Jun 28, 2020
What do the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and Blind Faith all have in common? The brilliant and amazing singer and songwriter Steve Winwood, for starters.

Winwood began playing piano at 4 years old and started playing drums and guitar soon after. His first live performance came when he was 8 years old, but he had to play incognito. His Brother, Muff, said that when Steve began playing regularly with his father and brother in their band in licensed pubs and clubs, the piano had to be turned with its back to the audience to try and hide him, because he was so obviously underage.

He began playing with the Spencer Davis Group at age 14, where his very vocal style and high voice drew comparisons to Ray Charles. The group signed with Island Records in 1964 when Steve was 16. Founder/producer Chris Blackwell said of Winwood “He was really the cornerstone of Island Records. He’s a musical genius and because he was with Island, all the other talent really wanted to be with...
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