Tami Danielson

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Jun 28, 2020
When you think of the greatest female voices of the 70s, Linda Ronstadt should, very rightfully so, be at the top of that list.

From the very start of this Dolly Parton produced documentary, you just know this film is going to be something very special. Ronstadt announces in the first 5 minutes that she has Parkinson’s disease, as did her grandmother. Tragically, this disease is what has silenced Ronstadt on stage since 2011 – in her own words “I can no longer sing a note.”

Ronstadt grew up in Tucson, AZ to a musical family, was raised on radio, and she loved singing. Her first gig was with her older brother and sister, performing around Tucson. After trying her hand at various venues, she went to Los Angeles in 1964 at age 18 as a solo artist. She and good friend Bobby Kimmel, along with guitarist Kenny Edwards formed the Stone Poneys. They started making the open-mike rounds, and quickly homed in on the Troubadour (which was an up-and-coming club at that time) that focused...
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